Anna Rowser is a former Language Arts teacher turned ghostwriter and writing coach. She worked for a bit in technical writing before earning an MFA in fiction from the University of Maryland, where she also taught creative and academic writing. After making her home in the Los Angeles suburbs with her spouse and team of exceptional cats, she delved into the world of film, co-writing and producing the period short film, “Automotive Landscape No. 1” and script supervising on a handful of others.

From there, she switched gears to coaching, editing, and otherwise providing feedback to authors on a range of books from self-help to business and memoir. Now, she may ghost for others when not working on projects of her own. When she isn’t reading, writing, or trying to get things to grow, she may be hiking around the San Gabriel Mountains—or even marching across The Racetrack Playa in Death Valley, as pictured.

feather on death valley playa

BONUS FUN FACT: Anna spent a year volunteering at The Bird House at Smithsonian National Zoo where she got to hang out with cassowaries (on the other side of the fence, of course!) and pet a kiwi.

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